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O' Level art coursework 2021


mixed media on canvas

Stages is a series of works that depict different stages of losing one's grip on reality with the use of distortion and different art styles.

1st panel: JOY


The first panel, titled JOY, uses distortion by having multiple versions of the same thing, showing how lines between reality are slowly being blurred. Style used is somewhat realistic.

2nd panel: DISTORT


The second board, titled DISTORT, has the subject matter distorted by morphing two versions of expressions of the same together, with the right side of the face slowly turning white, representing how fiction is taking over and the grip on reality is loosening. The spray paint layer represents how others would view this persona.

3rd panel: PIECES

The last board, titled PIECES, shows the subject matter split into two, one in a realistic style and the other in pop art with a realistic hand in the middle that can move back and forth between fiction and reality.

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